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If You Are Ready To Move On In Your Life, Book Your
Forensic Healing Session With Sigal Today!
Whether you are looking for long term solutions for your physical
or emotional
pains, you must heal the source of your pain first before
you spend time, money and energy just to temporarily feel better.

How About Having Both?
Feel Good Now and
Feel Good From Now On?

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No One Needs To Live With Pain!
Not Physical and Not

With Forensic Healing you can find out what the (energetic) source of the issue you wish to resolve is.

It can be a physical issue like; a back ache, constipation, weight gain (or staying stuck with the same weight), allergy, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure, migraines, lack of energy, infertility, skin issues, bloated stomach, menstrual pain, pain in toes and/or feet and other physical symptoms.


It can be an emotional issue, like; loneliness, feeling stuck, not having an intimate relationship, overwhelm, feeling of failure, moodiness, lack of motivation, anger, worry and stress, rejection, lack of happiness and fulfillment and others.

No Matter Where You Are On The Globe
You Can Enjoy Working With Sigal

Because your session can be conducted either



On Skype

In North Hollywood, CA Or
From Anywhere In The World

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If you have a few questions and you wish to speak with Sigal personally before placing a payment Contact Sigal By email Info@SigalZoldan.com
or Phone – 1-866-994-6463

and she'll be happy to answer them.

Do Not Stay Stuck!
Decide Which Option Is Best For You And
Take a Step Forward!!

For Some People All It Takes Is One Or Two Sessions.


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More And More People Are Finding Answers
Through This Unique Process!

Looking forward to assisting you in creating
your desired breakthroughs.

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