Attention:  Whether you are dealing with weight, health, relationships, financial or other issues,
ALL of that can be changed. It's starts with your perception!!

No More Wondering Whether Your Affirmations Are Good Enough Or Will Yield Results. On This Teleconference
You Can Take Your Affirmations To The Next Level

The Level Of Manifestation!!

The 3 and free fabulous live events are now over.
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If you landed on this page then you most likely use affirmations as a tool for creating a success mind-set that will help you accomplish what you desire. If you don't, you should.

Affirmations are a great and easy way to invest in your mind and in the
future you are intending to create for yourself.

If you have already tried using affirmations and they didn't work for you as well as you'd like to, then you must be on this call. There is  a reason why your affirmations have not been working for you and it is time to let the cat out of the bag.

This call was designed especially for you.

Meaning, it is NOT going to be a loaded call where you'll come out overwhelmed from it. You are going to feel excitement mixed with relief and a sense of peace.   

You are going to come out of this call feeling that you've not only  gained a lot, but that you've also left behind your baggage that is really not contributing to your success.


Yes, the light at the end of

tunnel is about to grow

closer and brighter

after the call

because I am going to


  • Give feedback on YOUR actual affirmations,


  • Help shape and structure your affirmations so they'll work for you,


  • Identify why your affirmation is not working for you and fix it,


  • Release any related blocks that may be holding you back,


  • Answer questions related to your affirmations and aspirations through this tool,


  • And – here comes the even juicier part of the call – 


I will also be doing healings (where appropriate) with some of those that will be on the call. We don't want to leave any lingering blocks…do we?

You see, you may be completely unaware of those blocks. From my personal and professional experience they tend to lie dormant in our subconscious mind and just keep everything stuck. AND that may be THE KEY for why your affirmations haven't been working for you so well until now.


From Affirmation To Manifestation Teleconference
If you would like to submit your affirmation ahead of time you may do so on this page
or you can also send an email 48 hours prior to the call. An email reminder will be sent to you.

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