What Is Energy Healing

What is it like working with a Forensic Healer?

Sigal and Leslie-left whiteIf you have ever watched any detective shows or you have had an obsession to solve problems that are somewhat mysterious, where all the evidence is not apparent or clear, Forensic Healing is something that may very well interest you.

When detectives investigate the scene of a crime and also when you are looking for something you lost at home or work, the same steps take place. You, as an official detective or as an amateur investigator, must trace the steps backward to bring the evidence to the surface.

In criminal investigations, there is a certain protocol that must be followed.
As an amateur “detective,” we would ask ourselves certain questions like: Where was I just before I lost my necklace? Was I in the car? Is it possible I dropped it there? What was I wearing? Could I have placed the necklace in the pocket of my coat?

As detectives, we must collect all the evidence and then make a connection between the evidence using time, place, witnesses, etc. We need to find who, what, where, when, and why of the crime to find the lost item using whatever clues there might be. It takes someone with a sharp perception, with a great memory, strong attention to details, and some gut instinct.  Intuition always is a big part of it as well. The investigator needs to have an analytical mind as well as some boldness to pursue some ideas that may be risky at times. In the movies, the case is normally solved, but in reality…well, it depends on the “investigator.”

So now that you have the gist of what it’s like in the criminal world, here is what it means in the healing world. The forensic healer is the investigator who follows a specific protocol to collect the evidence, bring them to light, connect the dots between all the details that have come up, and solve the case by choosing the appropriate healing correction. In the criminal world, it was all about solving the crime. In the healing world, it is about solving the pain, the challenge, and/or the problem; solving it in such a way that the results showing up are real, long, lasting results on three levels:  physical, emotional, and spiritual conditions.

How Does The Forensic Healing Protocol Work?

There are a few main tools that support the investigation process; a combination of kinesiology, energy healing, hands on healing, NLP, guided Imagery, and others help to free the body of pain, stress, and unwanted conditions.

Work that addresses the person’s condition as a whole is called holistic healing. It takes the whole person and what they are going through in life into account. It examines and helps to balance relationship stress, financial blocks, health conditions, or anything that causes stress or pain in one’s life.

The beauty of Forensic Healing is that it empowers an individual by providing the answers to why something occurs in his/her life and releases the emotional, spiritual, and physical blocks so that balance and harmony is restored.

The Forensic Healing protocol allows me as a holistic practitioner to combine all the other knowledge I acquired beyond my work as a forensic healer. I incorporate into the protocol, modalities such as Clinical Hypnotherapy, The Grinberg Method, Essential Oils as well as other healing practices which make forensic healing an ever expanding protocol that contributes to maximizing the results. The practitioner you’ll choose to work with will bring his/her expertise into their healing work.

Forensic Healing can be done at a distance and can help anyone wherever they are in the world. It works. I have clients from different parts of the US, Israel, and Europe. Distance is not a factor at all. In fact, they like it that they don’t need to get into the car and drive anywhere in order to enjoy healing. Sessions can be done via phone, Skype, Face-Time and in-person, too.

In my Forensic Healing practice, I incorporate a combination of the most effective healing modalities that have been simplified so you can apply one of the 130 + healing pathways that is most relevant to what YOU need for your healing at any given time.

What Components Of Healing Are A Part Of The Forensic Healing Protocol?
Forensic healing is a form of energy work, yet with that said, it encompasses a large range of other modalities within it. Since everything we experience in life is held in our energy field, we all have the power to change it for ourselves and others. Forensic healing allows us to see our part in the creation of our own challenges and because of that, to also change it for the better.

Most people experience an immediate relief from any condition and a new sense of freedom and empowerment in their life. Some people may feel very light and at peace afterwards.

What Is The Premise Of Forensic Healing Work?
The premise of the Forensic Healing work is that all the information that we need for our healing is already stored within us. All we need to do is to bring the relevant pieces of the puzzle into the light so they do not keep blocking the healing process that our body, mind, and spirit already know how to do.
When the energy interferences are removed, whether it’s a stressor, challenge, illness of trauma in childhood, at birth, in the womb, at time of conception, in another life or inherited through our DNA; whether it is known to you or not, the wisdom of the body can focus on a true and long lasting healing vs. trying to process the stressor day after day.
All the information that holds us back from being the best we can, feeling the best we can, and living life from a place of joy and freedom vs. suffering and pain, comes down to our DNA and how balanced it is. In each session, all the work that is done is so the DNA can come back to its most healthy, balanced, and aligned state and the person finds freedom in regards to the issue they came to address.

Who and What Is Forensic Healing For?
Forensic Healing can be used on babies, children, men, women, cleansing environments, and much more. It can also be surrogated for another person who is not attending the session. It can be done on people that are not conscious or are not completely cognitive and aware. It can be done for you even if you are not present in your session.
Forensic Healing can help with a variety of conditions that are perceived as challenging to the person who wishes to resolve them. Normally people tend to turn to this work after they have tried other modalities and were not pleased with the results.
Forensic Healing helps to uncover the hidden messages behind physical symptoms, like muscle pain, bone pain, allergies, etc. Also, habitual or emotional-like symptoms such as over eating, worrying, moodiness, fears, phobias, relationship challenges, divorce, financial problems, lack of joy at work, fear of losing a job, being financially dependent on others, or single people who would like to be in a relationship.
Every symptom is hiding an opportunity and a lesson behind it. Forensic Healing can help find what those are and free the person so that they can walk the path of light as they unleash that potential. 

At this point in time, Forensic Healing is taught only to women. That was the choice of the woman who created the forensic healing protocol, Marisa Russo.

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