Sept.- Oct. 2017 SPECIAL 

Get a combo-session of
20-Minute Foot Analysis (via photo)
+ 40 Minute Forensic Healing Session

instead of $250 pay only $175
($75 savings)

and receive a bottle of
FORGIVE BLEND as a gift.

Normally, I do not conduct single sessions. I only take clients who are ready to do a long-term process with me. For those who participated in the 5 Days of Letting Go program and/or the 3 Days of Forgiveness program, this one combo-session can be a great blessings as we will look specifically (through your feet), where you should put the focus next in order to embark on that path of light and peace great health and joy. 

This session is a great opportunity for those who wish to consider work with me. It will give you an experience, a glimpse of the power of my work and how it can take you to achieve your desired life.

* If you live outside of the USA, you will need to pay for the shipping based on the country you are at. Otherwise, the shipping of the Forgive Blend is on me 🙂

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You can enjoy your session from anywhere in the world.

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