Sept.- Oct. 2016 SPECIAL 

Get a combo-session of
20-Minute Foot Analysis
+ 40 Minute Forensic Healing Session

and receive these gifts for FREE:

Gift no. 1: A 4-hour, color changing diffuser
with a remote control.

Gift no. 2: A choice of one of the 15ml bottle
of high quality essential oils of your choice: 
(for relaxation, sleep enhancement and anxiousness)
Wild Orange
(for mood uplifting and detoxifying),
Respiratory Blend
(for dealing with any respiratory issues or grief),
Repellent Blend
(for protection from real bugs or energetic negative "bugs")

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You can enjoy your session from anywhere in the world or
come in-person (Van Nuys, CA).

Total value of combo session including gifts is $300.
Your special price for Sept. 2016 only is $195

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