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Choose any of the topics below that is most suitable to your group, clients or audience and contact our office to discuss schedule and prices. All the talks below are between 90 to 120 minutes long.

No Need To Live With Pain
Discover The Secrets To Freeing Yourself From Physical or Emotional Pain. The pain is here to show us something. When we get the message that it's here to show us and follow through, the pain is no longer needed. Every pain originated somewhere. Somewhere in your past, an "event" took place on either a phisical level, emotional or energy level, a spiritual level or even a combination of all. When you find out what took place and release the charge from that "event" you no longer need to live with pain.

Say Goodbye To Cravings
How To Stop Sweet Cravings and Stay On Track With Your Getting In Shape Program.

Free Of Stress
A Stress-Free Life Is A Choice. Stress can eat us all alive, no matter how much we exercise and eat healthy foods, if we don't reduce or eliminate unnecessary stress, we are pressing in the gas and break at the same time. In this talk(and live healing) you will find out how you can holistically release stress or more likely not allow it to build up in you.

Enjoying Your Health Is Your Birthright
Some people feel that they are dealing with one health issue after another, trying different modalities, different diets and the light at he end of the tunnel may not coming fast enough closer. Without knowing they are sabotaging themselves in different levels that hold them back from getting in shape, staying in shape and enjoying wonderful results.

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About Sigal:
For more than 15 years, Sigal has been performing transformation work—first in Israel, and since 2005 in the U.S. She has used various modalities such as Foot Analysis, Hand-Writing Analysis, The Grinberg Method, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Neurological Repatterning, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Reiki, and Forensic Healing to change people’s lives. Her focus is on getting results and helping individuals to heal themselves on the deepest level, so they can find strength, empowerment and healing from within. Sigal strategies are very practical and her approach is to teach others to listen to themselves and their own internal guidance so they can become and own coach.

Sigal is a clinical hypnotherapist, master results coach and a forensic healer; she is also a speaker, a blogger and a trainer. She is the developer of the Success-Shift™ System which synergistically addresses the two essential components of change: The Subconscious Kingdom and The Conscious Kingdom.

The System focuses intensively on the bridge between these two: Habits! Sigal helps her clients figure out where the source of their habit originated. Sigal’s personal and professional experience made her a strong believer that non-supportive habits can be changed when the subconscious source is being released and a healing correction is applied. By finding the energetic sources of an issue, it is much easier to then put together and implement a strategy.

  With her wonderful tools, she is assisting her clients to break those habits and patterns and replace them with healthy ones that are then manifesting as successful results.   

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Want To Get To Know Sigal And Her Work Closer?
Listen to Sigal on this recorded teleseminar from Thursday, April 18th 2013, it is now available as a Downloadable Audio.
HEALTH, Weight and Well-Being. In this recorded teleseminar Sigal is sharing her perspective of where physical symptom like, headaches, fatigue, constipation, allergies or other physical pains originate (on an energetic level). If you are constantly trying to figure out what to eat and how much to exercise, but you really need to watch it or else your weight jumps back up, if you are not understanding what your physical symptoms are trying to signal you and why on earth you are even experiencing those symptoms, then you will find this audio extremely beneficial for you. Sigal is helping her listener to identify the energetic source of their issue, what they should be looking for so they can crack the code of their suffering. The body is always attenpting to tell us something that is currently lying dormant in our DNA and our subconscious mind. This call is a must if you are dealing with any of the above issues. You will also find Sigal is helping two of the listeners with the issue that they are going through and opening a door for resolution for them.
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