The Negativity Eliminator

The Negativity Eliminator
Guided Visualization

negative thinking-The negativity eliminaorWhenever you are attempting to successeed, no matter what it is, busines, sales, relationship or getting in shape, as long as your mind's inner talk is negative, you will kick yourself out of the game.

Imagine your negative thoughts silently drifting away as you enjoy a bicycle ride through nature in this 22-minute Guided Visualization. Get in shape while listening to this audio..ha..ha..I'm kidding, but yet, you never know, don't be surprised if a side affect of listening to this audio is getting more motivated to excercise 🙂

In this guided journey you'll begin to let go of negative energy while your thoughts absorb positive messages. You'll reinforce a sense of inner and outer peace. You'll naturally create a more positive outlook and environment… …Just as your body turns food into energy and eliminates what it doesn't need, your mind works the same way.

riding bicycle-The Negativity EliminatorWhen you feed your mind the right "energy", you'll naturally find yourself becoming more empowered in your daily life. And that means more on track with taking those actions necessaty for acheiving the success you are desiering.  

In the first two, three weeks it is best to listen to the "Negativity Eliminator" between four to five times a week. Then, anytime you feel those pesky, nagging thoughts creeping up on you.

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