You Don’t Need To Suffer Any Longer
It’s Time To

Disconnect From Negative Relationships

This visualization (in conjunction with a work sheet)
can assist you with:

Diminishing the emotional negative intensity you feel towards
a friend, a family member, a co-worker, a boss, an ex-husband/wife or
an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend,  a neighbor, even a relationship with
someone who passed away.

It can also help you release the emotional charge towards people
don’t know but with whom you experience a negative vibe.

If you feel anger or resentment towards an institute; an insurance company,
the government, the organization you are working for, the educational system, etc.
then this audio can help in reducing the power of the emotional hold.

It can also help you diminish the emotional negative intensity
towards a situation. Like disliking where you live, not liking your car, being frustrated
with your bank account, and even not being satisfied with your look or weight or who you are.

All of those relationships affect you,
They affect your health, your wealth, your progress in life.

Don’t Let That Emotional Charge Hold You Back.
Free Yourself With This Active Visualization And
Let It Go!!

      Each time you listen to this audio choose the person or situation you want to make peace with and Sigal will guide you with her voice to do so. After you’ve done this process once or twice, you will notice that it is becoming easier and
easier to free yourself from the burdens.  

Each time you listen you will most likely find that you no longer have a strong charge towards the person or situation. You may find yourself more and more at peace with what is and therefore attract to yourself what your heart desires both in your relationships and other areas in your life. 

This audio is about 15-minute long.
This audio was recorded in a live seminar setting.



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