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Dear Business Owner:

Imagine what it would be like to easily and effortlessly attract a steady stream of ideal prospects to add to your downline— without bugging your family and friends…

I’m talking about having the right kind of mindset and “vibe” that naturally attracts the kind of prospects who are just waiting for an opportunity like yours.

I’m also talking about the kind of mindset that makes it easy and
for you to follow up with leads…and to never fear
rejection again.  

Sigal Zoldan,
Founder of Infinite Realities International and
The Wellness and Joy Academy

Following up with over 60 prospects a day!

For Example, I met this very sweet young woman that was struggling with her business. She said: “Sigal, I just don’t understand why I am investing so much in seminars and programs and I don’t see the results showing up for me.”

When we nailed it down we found that she was afraid to make follow-up phone calls. Consequently, she never made them, and her business (and income) suffered.

It took just one session to breakthrough that barrier! Together, we were able to nail down precisely what was holding her back.

The next day… she made 72 follow-up calls!

Since you are still reading this text, I know that you are definitely the kind of person who is really committed to thriving in your business.

I’d like to introduce myself personally. My name is Sigal Zoldan, and I specialize in showing business people how to transform their lives and habits so they can fully actualize their greatest desires in their business and life. It’s little breakthroughs like the one I just mentioned that can turn your life around in an instant.

I am discussing this topic of ‘mindset’ and not it affects your performance in this one hour recorded teleseminar.

Here’s what I am covering on this audio..

  • How to develop the mindset of a Network Marketing Superstar. Discover powerful tools you can use over and over again to boost your level of income by changing your subconscious thoughts and beliefs.
  • How to say goodbye to your fear of rejection and become “rejection-proof.” Learn how painful past experiences can hold you back… and how to easily move beyond them.
  • How to overcome your fear of follow-up. Discover how to eliminate the negative self-talk that keeps you from allowing the follow-up process to feel completely natural.
  • How to rewire the subconscious mind to attract your ideal prospect and/or Business Builders. It goes much deeper than the “Law of Attraction!”

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Who is Sigal Zoldan?

Sigal is the founder of The Wellness & Joy Academy. She guides and teaches people all over the world how to heal themselves so they can succeed in business and life. Keeping their health and happiness levels in great shape. She is practicing holistic healing since 1998 and aquired tons of experience in sales and marketing where honesty and love is where she is coming from. This audio is just one way where she is giving back to the community of entrepreneurs and small business owners by sharing her deep understanding of how to effectively to use the mind to stop struggling in business. After you listen to Sigal’s Free audio, you will realize how you can avoid unnecessary hurt and pain as you allow yourself to structure your business in a way that works for you.

Sigal has been in your shoes. She understands first-hand how it feels to follow up with prospects that do not return your calls. After you hear what Sigal is sharing, you will also want to use these tools in your own business so you, like many others, can not only accelerate your success, but can also maintain a balanced life and great health while moving your business forward.

Just imagine what an impact one small breakthrough could have on your life and income level.
Think of what may be holding you back in your business… and how this could put you on
the path to overcoming it.

Be sure to download the audio right away to discover more about how you can align your subconscious mind with your conscious desires to achieve Ultimate Success in your Network Marketing Business. (or any other small business)

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