Foot Analysis

Your Feet Can Show You The Way.
Here is how:  

What is A Foot Analysis? 
A Foot Analysis is a way to access a person’s inner world of thoughts, habits, patterns of behavior, physical symptoms, emotions, and more, that we experience on a regular basis. The foot is like a map that reflects the body and mind. By exploring the foot, the source of the problem can be found as well as the strategy to resolve it.

Who Is Foot Analysis For?
A Foot Analysis is for people that would like to experience a positive change in their lives. Whether it is in their overall health, career, and/or relationships. If you (or someone you know) feel somewhat stuck in a certain area in your life (or maybe in more than one area) then there is a pattern, a habit, a behavior that you are repeating, that you are most likely not conscious about. My personal passion is in helping people identify what stands in their way of attracting true love. I had challenges in that arena and it took me a long time until I discovered my own patterns that were not allowing me to break through. I want to save others the time, energy, and frustration that I went through and the first step is to take a look at the feet (at least this is the tool that I have found to be very profound, quick and fun, too). It is also for those that are just curious…


What Are The Benefits?
The main benefit is that a Foot Analysis can save people tremendous amounts of time, energy, frustration as well asmoney. When you have a great (and quick) evaluation tool, you can do something with it. Foot analysis does not promise the world. It's not that all of your problems will be solved in one day, but what it will do is show you where you specifically need to focus so that, one by one, the layers that are holding some profound secrets for you will be uncovered and therefore you won't need to spin your wheels, but will know exactly what to do next.

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Foot Analyses are conducted via photos. 
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