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Sigal focus is on results… not just making you “feel good”. Through one-on-one transformational sessions (in-person, FaceTime, Waht'sApp or Skype), audios, group programs, Facebook Groups (Hebrew or English) and youtube videos, you will be empowered to let go of fear, self-doubt, lack of confidence, anxiety, blocks—or any non-supportive habit or emotion—that keeps you from achieving the success you dream of…

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100_4934About Sigal Zoldan – For more than 19 years, Sigal has been performing transformation work—first in Israel, and since 2005 in the U.S. She has used various modalities such as Foot Analysis, Hand-Writing Analysis, The Grinberg Method, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Neurological Repatterning, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Reiki, and Forensic Healing to change people’s lives. In 2014 Essentials Oils were added to her reach repertoire of healing tools as well and her clients just love incorporating them in their healing work as well. Sigal's focus is on getting results and helping individuals to heal themselves on the deepest level.

Her core work is getting to the source of a given issue while allowing the process getting there be with as much ease, flow and even joy. Sigal does not believe that we came here to suffer. She holds the belief that our souls came here to correct themselves while enjoying the journey. When one gets to the source of an issue and learn the lessons it is holding for them, her or she are then able to release the need of repeating the same outcomes, pain, heartaches.  She helps her clients uncover the layers so they can find strength, become empowered and free from within. By that, re-connect with their personal power – to heal, to lead their life, to make the right choices, to be well, healthy and wealthy.  Sigal strategies are very simple and practical and her approach is teaching others to become their own coach and even their own inner-doctor.

IMG_0777Sigal is a clinical hypnotherapist, master results coach and a forensic healer, she is using, teaching and guiding individuals how to use doTERRA's essential oils. She is also a speaker and a trainer. Sigal is a holistic healer and is known for being The Guide From Pain To Freedom. Being a holistic healer means that she is approaching every kind of problem or issue from a holistic point of view (vs. a symptomatic one). She takes everything under account on all levels; physical, emotional, spiritual and energy. When we are addressing issues simultaneously on these four levels of existence, we are then able to look at the full picture and get results. Sigal is inviting her clients to take full responsibility for their healing. Here clients are an active part of their own healing process. She only takes on clients she feels she can help.

Getting ready for healing at the Ojai Healing Fair 2013Sigal’s personal and professional experience made her a strong believer that non-supportive habits and outcomes can be changed when the subconscious source is being released and a healing correction is applied. By finding the energetic sources of an issue, it is much easier to then put together and implement a strategy for change. It is also much easier to change habits that seemed like will never change. Sigal's work is like opening a faucet for change. It is a process. It does not happen in one day, yet those who are willing to walk the path are coming out on the other side of the tunnel feeling that the key to the kingdom is truly in their hands. 

With her wonderful tools, she is assisting her clients to break those habits and patterns and replace them with healthy ones that are then manifesting as successful results. Sigal empowers her clients and followers to master their mindset, emotional state and actions so they can live their true purpose, in their optimal health and wealth and enjoy the way getting there. 

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Sigal's Mission – Sigal's mission is to assist people and communities to heal on a personal and global level. To guide them to choose and implement a path of health, peace, love, happiness, joy and prosperity as they journey through this incredible experience called LIFE.
Before founding Infinite Realities International Sigal has meditated while asking for the right name to show up. When Infinite Realities showed up Sigal felt that this is exactly what she helps people accomplish, a reality within a reality that has infinite possibilities of creation. The common denominator to all start with YOU. You are the one who creates your reality, so why not making it an amazing one?

The best was to connect with Sigal is through her Facebook groups where you can learn more about how your life can change for the best. How not to live with pain but let the pain show you the way to freedom.

If you wish to explore one-on-one transformational work with Sigal, please brows around the site and when you feel drawn to apply a complimentary consultation you can do that on the HOME page.

When Nothing Else Seems To Work
And until we meet or talk,
Infinite Blessings from my heart to yours,
Sigal Zoldan, Founder of
Infinite Realities International,
Holistic Healing and Beyond

DISCLAIMER: Infinite Realities International. (=IRI) does not purport to offer any medical, psychological, therapeutic, religious, or other professional advice to users. The purpose of IRI programs, transformational sessions, audios and diagnostic tools is for Vocational or Avocational Self-improvement. Participants are responsible for their own actions and results. Information provided within this program is of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. This information is not intended to replace "traditional" mental health counseling/therapy services. If you have questions or concerns about your physical and/or mental health, please contact your family physician and/or licensed mental health professional in your area.

Free Yourself From Pain Can Start Today

Free Yourself From Pain Can Start Today