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I'm looking forward to getting together on the line with you for your Foot Analysis Reading Via Photo.

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Here is WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW so we can get to your reading as soon as possible AND that your reading can be clear accurate: 

First, if you've done pedicure recently please allow 2-3 weeks for your skin to grow back before taking the photos. You may leave your nail polish, but be sure not to scrub the bottom of your feet.

I’m going to instruct you how you need to be seated before the pictures of your feet are taken.

1. How to sit. It’ll be best if you can be seated as shown in the picture below either on the floor or on a bed and lean against something (1). Please make sure that your behind is at the same level as your legs and feet. If your behind is lower or raised it may affect the accuracy of your foot analysis reading. You may sit on a couch and place your feet on a coffee table yet be sure all as mentioned above are at the same level. 

Your back can be in an angle, straight or you may lie (2). 

Once you position yourself allow your feet to "fall" naturally. Make sure NOT TO STRETCH your feet. Simply let them "be". If they sort of fall in, out, slouching or stiff, however they are, that's fine. You want your reading to be accurate so do not try to "pose" them (3)


2. How to shoot the photos. Have someone take 2 or 3 pictures of your feet from a few different angles as shown in the pictured below. Make sure the pictures are focused and that there is enough light around so I can see lines and marks.

These are the kind of angles I’d need:
017_18   100_3325   016_17

It would also be great if you can take a picture of each foot separately as well.

3. Relax your feet. Before the pictures are taken, take a breath and just let your feet be. What I mean by that it that I don’t want you to hold your feet “better”, stretch them or do anything that is not the natural way of your feet. 

If they sort of fall in, out, slouching or stiff, however they are, let them be, that’s the only way I can tell you things that reflect the truth.

4. How to prepare. I will be able to tell you plenty of things in 20.  My guidance to you is that if there is an area in your life, like relationships, money, health, career, expressions, motivation, whatever it is that you want me to shed some more light based on what your feet show, then email me prior to your reading and let me know. You may also mention it in the beginning of your reading.

5. What happens after you send the photos.  Once your photos have been  received  and  confirm that the they are clear to be read, you will receive an email  letting you know whether we are ready to schedule or you need to send better photos. Please do your best to send good photos so we do not go back and forth with emails. Also, when you send the photos, be sure they are not flipped or in the wrong direction, I am not able to read if the picture is arriving and is flipped to the left, right or upside down. Thanks.

6. We meet on the line for your reading. We’ll do the actual reading when we get together on the line. You'll be able to choose your preference – Skype, phone call or Facetime. My Skype name is “sigalil”, feel free to send me a contact request if Skype is your choice, followed by an email to let me know it's you who sent me the contact request. Please include your Skype name in your email.

I hope everything was clear. Now, it’s in your hands (or feet) to submit you photos.

Click here to send the photos via email.

Have questions? Ask below in the comment area, email or send a FB message.
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Looking forward to "meeting" you and your feet.


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