It's Time To
Free Yourself From Pain,
Find Your Light Within and

Enjoy Who You Truly Are.

Dear Beautiful Woman,

Welcome, I’m delighted that you are open and ready to take the next step and get on the line together so I can understand better what you need and whether I can help. I know what it's like to have pain and not knowing where to turn, so I wanted to make it easy and simple for you.

I already answered some of the questions that you may want to get answers for. Here they are, just click on the question and it'll will take you straight to the answer.
1. What kind of issues can I help you with?
2. What is my area of expertise?
3. Who may benefit from my work
4. Who may NOT benefit from my work?
5. Why might I be the person you have been looking for?
6. How do you know if you are ready to be freed from your pain?
7. The freedom beyond the freedom…How Great Is That?
8. How will we know in 15 minutes whether I can help you?
9. What happens after we talk?

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What Kind Of Issues Can I Help You With?

In my 16 years of experience I have had the privilege to work with 100’s of people that have experienced chronic pain, lack of sleep, financial struggles, searching for an intimate partner, other relationship issues, challenges in the areas of self-esteem, self-confidence, fear of flying, anxiety, procrastination, time management, having motivation to exercise, stopping sugar cravings, increasing sales and the list just goes on and on.

What I found that was mutual to ALL of my clients was that in additional to the different challenges they were dealing with, there was always a physical or an emotional symptom that would linger.

Some of the above issues were actually tied to one another and had to be addressed simultaneously to get full resolution for the problems.

Although I may very well able to help you overcome and break free in more than one area in your life, my love and passion lies in freeing you from that physical or emotional pain.

I can help identify and remove the blocks that are related to pains like, back and neck pain, legs and feet, cramps, frozen showlder and (almost) anything physical that limits and debelitates you (some cases requier medical referrals).

I can help identify and remove the blocks that are related to other physical conditions that are not "pains" but are limiting and lingering like, allergies, astma, fatigue, hormonal issues, frequent bladder infections, TMJ, teeth grinding and clenching, stress, nail biting, weight issues, whiplash and others.

I can help identify and remove the blocks that are related to emotional well-being like, negative thoughts, worry, anxiaty, viraiety of fears, restlessness, lack of focus, feeling lost, no direction in life, feeling stuck, frustration, overwhelm, trapped (in a situation) and if that's not enough there maybe one or two more emotional conditions….

I can also help with the behavior that "causes" your symptom to persist. For instance, if you are tired during your day and you drink coffee to get your energy up yet you know that you should reduce the amount of coffee intake, then I'll help you to embrace a new habit where it is easy for you to let go of the coffee and start building up your energy in healthy ways.  Back to the top

What Is My Area Of Expertise?

My area of expertise is in Identifying and Removing Blocks and along the way Embracing Healthy Habits that support your desires and the life you wish to live.  I'm doing this successfully since 1998 (after saying goodbye to two careers — in graphic designs and architecture) working one-on-one with people in-person, via the phone and skype from all over the world.

It is very simple. Here it is in the nutshell. When the relevant blocks that are "responsible for" holding the pain, ache, allergy, anxiety frustration or in short "the symptom" you name it, is being identified and released, the body knows exactly what to do in order to heal. We all know that our bodies are an incredible machine. When you get a cut or a bruse, the body will know how to heal. In most cases we just need to let it be and after a few days the body is back to normal.

The only reason the body healing process doesn't take place fully is when there is some kind of interference. Interferences can occure on 4 different levels. Which are Physical, Emotional/Mental, Energy and Spiritual. I highly encourage you to download the 4 tele-seres audios (from the top right of this page) to get a full spectrum of what I'm talking about and start unleashing your blocks.

So you see, I don't focus on the symptom. To me, the symptoom is a door, an enterence point that guides me to where I really need to go. So again, I know that you love when I'm specific. If a client comes to me with a frozen showlder I interpret the symptom to look at where in the client's life the client doesn't take action and move herself forward. The frozen showlder is here to indicate that there was enough suffering and it's time to do something about 1. The pain. 2. The underliying cause to the pain (which will vairy from on pweron to another). And usually, a frozen showlder will come with a habit of procrastination and with not sure where to head next in career or personal life (depends on the side of the frozen showlder.

I do not address the symptom medically, I address it energetically. And that's why I am able to help with different kinds of pain, aches and discomfort. Remember, I deal with the block that is preventing from the person to heal and not with the symptom itself.   Back to the top

Who May Benefit From My Work?

You will most likely benefit from my healing work if you are a woman, a self-aware woman that have tried different remedies and modalities to alleviate your pain, ache or discomfort yet you are finding that:
1. The pain, ache or discomfort (whether physical or emotional) is not really going away. That no matter what you do it's there or going and then coming back.
2. You know how to manage the pain, ache or discomfort but you are no longer interested in managing it, you wish to be FREE from it.
3. You are eager to get to the bottom of the issue, to figure out the lesson and message behind it so you get get your power back and you want to do it in the most healthiest and alternative way. 
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Who May NOT Benefit From My Work?

I'm sure we both agree that we would like to use our time well. I help only those that I whole heatedly feel that I can help, so before you request to spend time with me make sure that none of the four bullet points is you.
1. If you are looking for a quick fix, kind of like a quick pill, I'm not who you are looking for.
2. If you haven't tried different modalities and remedies in the past and I'm the first person you are seeking their help, we'll probably not going to be a good fit for one another.

3. If you tend to blame, complain (even curse and bad mouth), not take responsibility for your life and actions, if you are negative in nature, then sorry, I'm not the right address.
4. If  you do not care what you put in your body (food, drinks, cigarets etc.), mind and soul as an orientation to life then there may be other professional who can serve you better.
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Why Might I Be The Person You Have Been Looking For?

Up to now, you may have been seeking for the right person, the right practitioner, the right modality or even the right combination of modalities to show up. Up to now, you may have felt that you are lost in the dark and you were't sure where to go. I have been there so many times and the hours I spent on seeking for that Right Kind Of Help to show up was daunting. So daunting that I developed my own healing processes to help myself with the pain and I'm now sharing them with the world.

If you are still reading this then some part in you feels that you are in the right place. That there is something in what I'm saying here that resonates with you and you want to explore more. And if I'm reading your thoughts I want you to know that what you are experiencing now is going to play out in your healing process. You have not only attracte me, I am also doing my attraction work and I have asked to attract the people that I can help, in whichever way I can. So the first reason why I may be that person you have been looking for is because you currently feel drawn to me, and that's no cooinsident.

The other reason that I person you've been seeking, praying or asking (consiously or subconsciously)  to show up n your life is because down deep you wished for freedom (not pain management, you've been managing, sort of…haven't you?)

And so to free yourself from pain is a holistic process, not a symptomatic one. And as such you will benefit more being supported by someone who:
1. Addresses all 4 levels – physical, emotional/mental, energy and spiritual.
2. Addresses it on a deep subconscious level to by pass any resistance.
3. Integrates and help you connect the dots between your pain and life as a whole. And just to make sure we are clear on the ladder. So if you suffer from constipation, and you have mood swings, you are also not feeling very attractive and are divorced for a while, my job is to help you resolve all these pieces of your puzzle as a whole and not just having healthy eliminations, which is great in an of itself, but is not holistic and still not giving you you power back.

So whether you and I end up working together on freeing you from pain or not quite yet…promise to yourself that you will seek the help that helps you holistically. There is nothing like having your power and leading your life. I always make sure that my clients do not depend on the process with me but they come to learn how to navigate their life.

Remember before when I talked about the interference that is preventing from one to heal? The whole premise of my work is that when the interference that causes the pain is removed the person no longer needs to suffer from this particular issue. And that is freedom, that is power.

Since every pain is here to show us something about ourselves, about our lives, it is important that once the message is clear the person will follow through with it. As we all know we are creatures of habits and change may not be easy to implement as we'd like it to be so as a part of my work I support my clients to facilitate the change.

You see, the pain, ache or discomfort, whether physical or emotional is your opportunity to heal. Pain is the indicator that something is off, the challenge is figuring out what is off. This is what I do. I do a forensic process to identify what your body, mind, should and energy field is still holding on to from your past, your ancestors past and your soul's past. It's never what we think it is. It's all berried deep on our subconscious mind and only when the person is ready for true healing, the answers come. I've seen it over and over again throughout me 16 years working with clients and in my personal life. 
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How Do You Know If You Are Ready To Be Freed From Your Pain?

I know that you may say "off course I'm ready" that's why I'm here, reading this, and I'm very excited for you that you are reading this.

Yet, reading this is not going to free yourself from pain. You must take ACTION!! If you are eager enough to take action and apply for a getting aquented conversation with me then you are most likely ready and if there is a part in you that hesitates, then…hmm…maybe you are not quite ready yet. The good news is that you can ask yourself some great questions that will shed some more light for you:
1. Do you want to continue searching for answers or solutions or are you done with the search?
2. Do you need some more time spent in frustration, try things and get dissapointed again or are you done with that too?

3. Is there anything, anything at all that may be standing in your way for applying to request to speak with me? Any fears, concerns, blocks? (If there are, what name it, say it loud. When you do, you start to free yourself from the fear).
4. Why not apply? Usually the reasons are just excuses, so don't let excuses keep you in pain.
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The Freedom Beyond The Freedom…
My Clients Sugar Cravings – GONE! How Great Is That?

I had a client that came to see me in preparation for a surgery. She wanted to be calm and trusting vs. worried about it. Shortly after her surgery she has done some blood work and found out that she has become diabetic.

Her diatitian instructed her which kind of sugars she can do and how much would be safe for her. When I asked my client which part of her diet was the most difficult to implement she said that it was the sugar cravings. She just loves chocolate and ice cream. Even though my client knew and understood that she really needs to watch it now and change her habits, she didn't know how.

The stress of the cravings, the fact that now it is forbidden, that every bight of the temporary sweet leads her closer to being more unhealthy and more into long term suffering was actually adding to her craving to have it even more.

So in about 10 minutes we did this proces where I helped her to replace the sugar cravings with a healthy desire and as always, it worked!! My client has now chocolates at home that she is not even thinking about. She got her power back and on her way to free herself from being diabetic because she is embracing new healthy habits.  Back to the top

How Will We Know In 15 minutes If I Can Help You?

The great thing is that we can both get ready for our time together ahead of time. So if you are serious and committed to freeing yourself from pain, then click here to download a word doc form with some great questions that will help me to know you before we meet.

Once your form is received, I (and only I) will look into it and ask one of my wonderful team people to get back to you by phone or email within 48 (business) hours.

Just so you know, if I feel that I cannot help you based on what you wrote in the form, I promise to let you know that, so you'll hear from me one way or another. Time is a precious commodity and I want to make sure that both of us are making the best use of our time together.  Back to the top

What Happens After We Talk?

We’ll see what comes up for you and we’ll be able to assess from there.Please be aware that I do not take everyone as a client. I’m very selective about who I work with, and the reason is that I only take on clients I believe are truly ready to free themselves from pain.

When it comes to deep-true healing and really breaking free from any kind of challenge, one must be ready for the path to be shown to them. Unfortunately (and believe me I’ve been there so many times), sometimes we need to suffer some more in order to surrender and say NO MORE. So it really depends where you are and what you are ready to embark on.

Usually, when people get on a call like this they expect a sale pitch at the end. Otherwise, why am I doing this if not to make a sale? I’m doing this because I know that there are so many people that are praying, asking, even screaming to get the kind of help I’m offering, and if we'll both decide that the next inavitabile steps is for us to do some healing work together, great! And if not, great too.

So you can totally relax and feel completely comfortable filling out the form and emailing it to me. And the sooner you do it, the sooner you can get on my schedule.

I want you to feel completely safe and relaxed when we get on the phone together.  Back to the top

And until we meet or talk,
Infinite Blessings from my heart to yours,
Sigal Zoldan, Founder of
Infinite Realities International,
Holistic Healing and Beyond

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